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Formed in 1990, Cristex Composite Materials has steadily evolved to become the UK’s premier supplier of High Performance Fibres and Fabrics for the UK Composites and Reinforced Plastics Markets. Cristex supplies a comprehensive range of products manufactured from Glass Fibre (E.C.S. ECR), Carbon Fibre, Aramid Fibre, Dyneema®, Thermoplastic (nylon, polyester etc.) and Natural Fibres. For Downgraded Fabrics please visit

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With a continued focus towards reducing weight in the caravan industry, the inclusion of composite materials in the construction process has given manufactures the opportunity to adopt the benefits which composites can offer. A reduction in the weight of the caravan lowers the requirement for the customer to have a heavy vehicle to tow.
The new approach to caravan construction, in particular the move towards replacing timber components with composite materials have given the market a new avenue to explore. In the past, the main structure of the caravan and the floor were manufactured with timber and mechanically fixed together with screws.
High resistance composite materials are also able to improve the durability of the caravan and avoid the damage which water ingress can have on caravans.

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