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Formed in 1990, Cristex Composite Materials has steadily evolved to become the UK’s premier supplier of High Performance Fibres and Fabrics for the UK Composites and Reinforced Plastics Markets. Cristex supplies a comprehensive range of products manufactured from Glass Fibre (E.C.S. ECR), Carbon Fibre, Aramid Fibre, Dyneema®, Thermoplastic (nylon, polyester etc.) and Natural Fibres. For Downgraded Fabrics please visit

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Renewable Energy

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An ever-growing industry, the renewable energy sector is increasingly turning to the use of fibre reinforced polymers as a key element in construction and manufacturing. Properties such as minimal maintenance requirements, excellent fatigue strength and the ability to resist random loading and corrosion have seen the rise in the popularity in the use of composite materials in this industry. It is these key properties which have led to the use of composites in both wind turbines and sub sea turbines.

Along with the tradition application of composite materials in wind turbines it is the growing trend of marine and sub sea turbines which have utilised the advanced properties. The high strength to weight ratio which is found in composite materials is ideal for underwater application with the production of composite material rotor blades. The composite materials are able to with stand high water pressure and will require less maintenance.

The experience which Cristex has working with the renewable energy industry in developing blades for wind turbines has allowed us to stock the required products to fulfil market requirements.

Cristex’s rise as one of the leading suppliers of composite materials to the wind energy sector has afforded the company the knowledge and skills required to aid leading manufacturers in the wind energy industry.

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