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ADE-FIX for a perfect finish

Article posted - 27th Mar 2017

ADE-FIX is an innovation from G.Angeloni and exclusively available in the UK from Cristex Composite Materials.  ADE-FIX is mainly dedicated to the RTM process and has been developed for projects when a high quality surface finish and a perfect fabric design are essential.

ADE-FIX combines stabilising webs (WF1, WF2 and WF3) applied to one surface with a high tack Epoxy coating applied to the opposite surface. The Epoxy self-adhesive coating is fully compatible with and promotes a perfect bond to most Epoxy Resin Systems, which are also available from Cristex.

ADE-FIX is simple to use over most mould surfaces and due to the excellent self adhesion, it vastly reduces potential problems caused when injection resin at high pressure.

If you would like to learn more about ADE-FIX or indeed any other products and services available from Cristex Composite Materials, please ring the team on 01282 770666 or email

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