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Case Studies for SAERfoam

Article posted - 13th May 2016

SAERfoam is a structural core material with 3D glass bridges, used to replace conventional core materials such a PVC, PET and balsa. Due to its ultralight foam (PU/PE/PIR) combined with 3D glass reinforcements it results in an extremely low-weight hybrid core material with optimised mechanical properties.

Through the years of innovation, SAERfoam has been developed to be individually configured to project requirements, offering a combination of adjustable components such as strength, weight and material cost. This is done by adapting the density and alignment of the 3D glass bridges and altering the foam used.

Below you can find useful information including success stories for SAERfoam being used in different applications. 

SAERfoam used for Scania city buses: SAERfoam

SAERfoam used for new Toulon Ferry Terminal: SAERfoam

SAERfoam used in truck bodies: SAERfoam

SAERfoam leaflet: 

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