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New Developments within the Alutex Fabric Range

Article posted - 08th Mar 2017

Take a few moments to browse the new 36 weaves now available in the glass fibre - Alutex range.


ALUTEX 2017 - Prototype codes Part 1

ALUTEX 2017 - Prototype codes Part 2


Alutex is a range of Woven Glass Fibre Fabrics of varied weave patterns.  These fabrics are subsequently Powder Coated using an Aluminium Powder to create the finished look.  As a variation we can also offer Titanex (dark aluminium), Cuptex (copper), Goldtex (brass).   

With the variety of weaving styles and colour options available within the range, you will be able to find the perfect finish for your project.  If you would like to know more about the Alutex range or indeed any other products available, please do contact the sales team on 01282 770666 or email and we will be delighted to help.


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