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Article posted - 31st May 2017

Carbon fibre adds that touch of luxury to any project, it can come in a variety of weaves that can really enhance any design.  To add value and take your project to the next level, have you considered your own bespoke carbon fibre with coloured copper wire?  The use of copper wire means that your chosen colours do not lose any brilliance after lamination.

This bespoke coloured carbon fibre can be made to your specific requirements i.e. weave, weight and colour(s). 

With a lead time of only 8 weeks from sign off to delivery, your bespoke carbon fibre is closer and more affordable than you think.

Below is just one sample of what can be achieved with a patriotic theme of red, white and blue.  So whether you want to add that individual touch on your bike, paddle or marine repair - to name just a few alterative applications, do contact our sales office to discuss the many options available on 01282 770666 or email


  Bespoke Coloured Copper Wire  Close up of Coloured Copper Wire


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