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Slitting and Rewinding Service

Article posted - 07th Dec 2016

The AscoBV Slitter & Rewinder is designed to convert master rolls of fabric to narrow width tapes for use in multiple applications.

Master roll lengths up to 1.7m in width and weighing up to 100kg can be accommodated and with ISO9001 certification you can be assured of full traceability.

  • Can produce crush-cut tapes from glass fibre or carbon fibre fabrics in various weights and constructions.  Part rolls can be accommodated.
  • Standard roll widths are 50mm, 75mm,100mm, 150mm but most widths can fit depending on the stability of the material.
  • Re-rolled material will be wound onto 76mm diameter cores that are then cut down to the tape width.


Why Tapes

  • Tapes are typically used in areas of high stress where reinforcement is needed.
  • They are commonly used in the marine industry and pipe repair industry, but can be used wherever there is a joint requirement.
  • Using “edge control” and “end of roll” sensors the tape will be neatly wound.


Why Cristex?

  • Using Cristex for the supply and processing of your stock reduces costs in transport and retains control over quality. Free issue stock can also be processed.
  • Enables Cristex to react immediately to your Manufacturing demands and can offer stock build up for “call off”.
  • Cristex can offer a range of packaging solutions tailored to your requirements should the standard packaging not work in line with your production.


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