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Cristex supplies a comprehensive range of products manufactured from Glass Fibre (E.C.S. ECR), Carbon Fibre, Aramid Fibre, Dyneema®, Thermoplastic (nylon, polyester etc.) Epoxy Resins, and Natural Fibres.

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Preforms made by the Overbraiding technique:
Overbraiding is the technique used to produce net shape cost-effective structural preforms, during the overbraiding, the braid is placed directly onto a core, which have the inner geometry of the desired preform. By reciprocating the core through the braiding point, a pre-selected number of layers can be braided to obtain the desired wall thickness / aerial weight. The lightweight core can remain in the product or a lost core technique can be used for the production of a hollow product.

Benefits of Overbraiding:

Cost effective method and low waste rates (5-10%)
Reproducible due to computer control and automated processes
Time saving compared to building your own preforms manually
Braiding angles are programmable from 150 to 800
0° (UD) yarns can be integrated to form a tri-axial braid
The ratio between bias and UD can vary from 100/0 up to 15/85
Hybrids are possible in the bias and in the UD direction
Excellent energy absorption in crash structures. Braided structures act as crackstoppers
Braided structures have a good resin permeability
Eccentric products are possible, even banana shaped preforms
Preforms injected with the RTM process can have a fibre volume fraction of 55%

What we offer:
For each product an overbraiding machine and yarn configuration can be selected to produce your optimum preform. We have 11 years of experience in overbraiding and we are able,with our R & D team, do the total preform development at Eurocarbon. When a special braiding machine or extra equipment is needed, we can build it and we can offer a turn-key solution and transfer of know-how, so you can produce your own preforms. Preform developments and preform production can be done entirely in house

Cristex offers a large range of products suitable for Infusion Moulding, RTM, RTM Light, VARTM and Compression Moulding. The process of RTM is done using a rigid two-sided mould set that forms both surfaces of the panel. The two sides fit together to produce a mould cavity. A key feature of resin transfer moulding is that the reinforcement materials are placed in the cavity and closed prior to the introduction of matrix material. Resin transfer moulding includes numerous variations which differ in the mechanics of how the resin is introduced to the reinforcement in the mould cavity.

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With over 25 years of experience Cristex has a large knowledge base to help with a multitude of projects. For any technical advice please call our office.


Cristex has access to a large variety of both standard and unique products available to buy individually or by the pallet.


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