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Formed in 1990, Cristex Composite Materials has steadily evolved to become the UK’s premier supplier of High Performance Fibres and Fabrics for the UK Composites and Reinforced Plastics Markets. Cristex supplies a comprehensive range of products manufactured from Glass Fibre (E.C.S. ECR), Carbon Fibre, Aramid Fibre, Dyneema®, Thermoplastic (nylon, polyester etc.) and Natural Fibres. For Downgraded Fabrics please visit

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The use of composite materials in marine and off shore applications has been prominent for the past forty years. As one of the leading suppliers to the UK marine industry Cristex offers a very comprehensive range of materials for the production of all types of boats including: luxury yachts, dinghies, high-performance sailing yachts and motor craft for both high speed and recreational use.

The benefits of using composite materials range from excellent strength to weight ratios, durability, environmental resistance, low maintenance and ease of repair which has seen an increased application of composites in racing yachts in particular.

The extensive product range which Cristex offers, covers all structural aspects using the highest quality materials backed up by a superb technical support team.

Structural materials are widely used within composite processes including hand lay-up, resin infusion and LRTM/RTM.

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