Zund G3 Cutter Machine

Cutting & Kitting

Our Kit Cutting service is powered by the Zund G3 and with the utilisation of multitool technology we are capable of cutting a diverse range of materials such as Prepreg, Aramid, Glass, Carbon, PVC Foam, Nomex and Core Materials. The Zund G3 runs at speeds of up to 1.4 meters per second while offering repeatability within 0.003 mm +/- 0.001mm, it can therefore keep pace with the growing needs of our various market sectors; Marine, Aerospace, Automotive and Technical Textiles.

Our Project Engineer specialises in digitising templates and processing CAD data. With our powerful nesting software, we can ensure there is optimum material usage with minimal waste.

We will precisely pre-cut the respective shapes according to your specifications and based on individual CAD drawings using our cutting machine so that they are available to you for direct further processing.


Our in-house service can help your business by:

  • Saving you time
  • Ensuring high consistency, accuracy and repeatability of cut pieces
  • Reducing operating costs
  • Optimum material usage
  • Full traceability of kits with ISO 9001
  • Carbon neutral waste disposal

To assist with the construction of kits, each part can now be individually labelled making the assembly process smoother and quicker. Smaller and more intricate pieces can be

We can provide out-life sheets, lot traceability and more as required, including bespoke packaging options.

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Slitting & Rewinding

We can offer our customers full slitting and rewinding services utilising the latest technology. Whether you require assistance with long-term or one off runs, we will provide the support and service your company needs.

Our Ribamatic slitter is designed and developed to process a variety of composite reinforcements and is capable of slitting material lengths from a maximum width of 3000mm down to as narrow as 30mm wide. This machine also enhances the quality and precision of cut tapes and with ISO 9001 you can be assured of full traceability.

Slitting of carbon/glass tapes

We can provide:

  • Slit tapes from Glass Fibre and Carbon Fibre in various weights and constructions. Part rolls can be accommodated
  • Rolls can be cut into bespoke widths and lengths to suit individual needs

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