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Article posted - 22nd Apr 2016

SAERfoam is a structural core material with 3D glass bridges, used to replace conventional core materials such a PVC, PET and balsa. Due to its ultralight foam (PU/PE) combined with 3D glass reinforcements it results in an extremely low-weight hybrid core material with optimised mechanical properties.

Through the years of innovation, SAERfoam has been developed to be individually configured to project requirements, offering a combination of adjustable components such as strength, weight and material cost. This is done by adapting the density and alignment of the 3D glass bridges and altering the foam used.

As previously mentioned SAERfoam can be used as a replacement of PVC, PET and balsa, SAERfoam is lighter than balsa, this makes SAERfoam very interesting for long components such as rotor blades. It also exhibits up to five times greater shear stiffness in comparison with PVC. In addition to greater strength, SAERfoam is significantly lighter while still maintaining the same mechanical characteristic values.

A high and consistent quality is always delivered, confirmation of the highly reproducible and homogenous quality of SAERfoam in comparison to renewable raw materials is confirmed by certification from Germanischer Lloyd (GL ISO 9001) and Bureau Veritas. It has therefore been verified that SAERfoam can be supplied in varied quantities to a consistently high quality. 

SAERfoam has been tested in a laboratory, in practise with Polyester, Vinylester and Epoxy Resin Systems.

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In 2014 SAERTEX received the prestigious JEC Innovation award in the wind power sector for the MAPRETEC project. This award recognised SAERTEX’s contribution to the automation of rotor blade manufacture in cooperation with the University of Bremen and AREVA Blades.

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