Over braiding is the technique used to produce net shape cost-effective structural preforms, during the over braiding process, the braid is placed directly onto a core, which has the inner geometry of the desired preform. By reciprocating the core through the braiding point, a pre-selected number of layers can be braided to obtain the desired wall thickness / areal weight. The lightweight core can remain in the product or a lost core technique can be used for the production of a hollow product.

The Benefits

  • Cost effective method and low waste rates (5-10%)
  • Reproducible due to computer control and automated processes
  • Time saving compared to building your own preforms manually
  • Excellent energy absorption in crash structures. Braided structures act as crack stoppers

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What We Offer

For each product an over braiding machine and yarn configuration can be selected to produce your optimum preform. Eurocarbon have 11 years of experience in over braiding and are able, with their R & D team, to do the total preform development. If a special braiding machine or extra equipment is needed, they can build it and we can offer a turn-key solution and transfer of know-how, so you can produce your own preforms. Preform developments and preform production can be done entirely in-house.


Datasheets are available on request.

Interested in our selection? Contact us today to find out more