ADD-UP2 is the most recent addition to the Cristex range of Elantas products. ADD UP2 is designed to be used with polyester and vinylester Gel Coats when combined with Elantas Epoxy Resin systems. It promotes adhesion between the Gel Coats and the laminate. As the additive is mixed into the Gel Coat before application there is no need to abraid the surface or use a Solent wipe. ADD UP2 becomes part of the Gel Coat and not a surface treatment. Additionally, ADD UP2 aids curing and can be used in Gel Coat repairs where sanding and polishing are required.

The Benefits

  • Additive improves cure time of Gel Coat
  • Provides perfect adhesion between Elantas Epoxy Resin and Polyester/Vinlester Gel Coats
  • No impact of mechanical properties of the Gel Cot such as UV stability, water resistant, flame retardancy, gloss retention and water/chemical resistance

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What We Offer

Please refer to our technical data sheet for processing instructions or speak to a member of our technical team.

Reference Appearance Flash Point Density Viscosity, dynamic Applications
99207-P0-AD-1 Liquid, opaque 32°C 0.86 g/ml at 25°C 10-20 mPa.s at 25°C To be added to the gel coat/resin.
It provides a speed up in the curing of gelcoat and promotes a perfect adhesion of the Epoxy Resin applied immediately after.

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