Stabilising Web

Various stabilising technologies have been present in the composites market for a long time, commonly through applying binder or powder coating. We have developed the next generation of stabilising technology using thermoplastic webs. This finish is based on calendared web technology. The use of lightweight surface webs (typically 5g – 15g) are applied to the surface of the fabric using a calendaring process providing a highly stable yet drapable fabric. The result is a fabric perfect for cutting and shaping without fraying or any significant weight increase.

The Benefits

  • Prevention of fraying
  • Improvement in handling
  • No significant increase in aerial weight
  • Excellent uniformity of web distribution
  • Very good drapability of fabric after stabilisation
  • Full chemical compatibility with most common resin systems
  • Stability of fibres after cutting
  • Ability to produce pre-forms by heating the thermoplastic web
  • Excellent health and safety benefits when compared to powder coating fibres
  • Significantly improved impact resistance properties to the laminate

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What We Offer

Cristex offers a range of stabilised fabrics suitable for many applications. The available coatings being WF1, WF2, WF3, WF4 and WF5.

  • WF1 is a light weight web (6g/m2) typically used on low weight fabrics (90g/m2 – 300 g/m2) with a high melting point.
  • WF2 is a medium weight web (12 g/m2) for higher weight fabrics (400g/m2 – 800 g/m2) with a high melting point.
  • WF3 is a heavy weight web (20 g/m2) typically used for pre-forming. 
  • WF4 is a light weight web (6/m2) typically used in low weight fabrics (90g/m2 – 300 g/m2) with a medium melting point. 
  • WF5 is a heavy weight web (17g/m2) typically used for pre-forming with a low melting point. 
Code of Web Weight gr/sqm Nature of Web Melting Point ˚C Heat Resistance ˚C
Ref. WF1 6 co-polyamide 120/130 105
Ref. WF2 12 co-polyamide 120/130 105
Ref. WF3 20 co-polyamide 120/130 105
Ref. WF4 6 co-polyamide 96/100 80
Ref. WF5 17 co-polyamide 85/95 75

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