Composite Decorative Fabrics

Cristex Composite Materials offers a range of Decorative Fabrics for composite applications. The range is primarily composed of Alutex, Dynanotex, Carbon and Coloured Polyester Fabrics, Innovative Tex and Premium Decorative Weaves. Each fabric has a wide variety of finishes available to provide a visually aesthetic finish for a large range of applications across the Aerospace, Automotive and Sporting industries.

Alutex is a range of Woven Glass fabrics, typically 200g to 300g of varied weave patterns. These fabrics are finished with an aluminium powder coating to create the final look.

Dynanotex is composed of a range of Woven Carbon Fibre fabrics based on spread tow technology which provides both lightweight unidirectional and woven products. Dynanotex fabrics are used in wind surfing, kite boarding, skis, hockey sticks and sports goods in general, automotive, and marine applications.

The Carbon and Coloured Polyester Hybrid fabrics are produced by combining different fibres into one fabric. These fabrics create a visually eye-catching appearance on the surface layer and can be used across a wide variety of applications.

Innovative Tex fabrics are produced from a combination of Carbon Fibre and coloured copper wire. The range includes standard style weaves such as plain and twill, but also many designs unique to this specific family of fabrics. The development of Innovative Tex has been widely embraced within the Automotive industry as an alternative to Carbon Woven fabrics, for internal decoration.

The Premium Decorative Weave collection is the latest addition to the Decorative fabric range and is the ideal choice for adding a highly sophisticated and unique decorative finish to a project.

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