Now available in the UK from Cristex: Co-Fibre™

Lightweight construction, efficient use of resources and shorter cycle times are just some of the demanding requirements of the Composite Industry. In response Co-Fibre™ was introduced to the market by Cristex, providing the opportunity to reinforce parts in an economic and efficient way.

Co-Fibre™ is an innovative hybrid glass-fibre and polypropylene (PP) fabric that is unique and designed for high mechanical properties, such as exceptional stiffness-to-weight ratio and impact properties.

Other advantages include:

·         Fast cycle times – Reducing cost and improving resource.

·         Significant weight reduction – Available in 700g/m², making it easier to handle and cheaper to transport.

·         Direct processing – Without additional resin.

·         Environmentally friendly – No solvent emissions.

·         Resistant towards environmental influences – It does not expand or contract in extreme weather conditions.

·         Chemical resistance – I.e. no corrosion.


Bruce Craig, Director of Cristex commented,” I am delighted to launch this product and offer it to our customers. This will allow a continuity of supply in the UK for commingled glass and thermoplastic fabrics.”

Co-Fibre™ is suitable for a variety of industries including Automotive, Construction, Aerospace, Industrial and Marine. If you would like a free Co-Fibre™ sample and datasheet please email