The World’s First Smart Defect Control System

Surface damage to non-crimp-fabrics has previously been difficult to identify with a high degree of precision. Our partner, SAERTEX recently developed a unique Defect Control System for multiaxial high-end-carbon-fibre fabrics, helping to improve the quality of SAERTEX materials. This was launched at JEC World 2018 in Paris.

SAERTEX Smart Defect Control System looks into the structure of the non-crimp-fabric and reveals gaps, undulations, and other potential deviations from the high-end specifications. The globally unique process makes it possible to subject carbon fabrics to automated and continuous quality assurance, without the inspection process causing direct damage to the materials. Alongside gaps between the fibre strands, other defects can also be clearly identified, such as the homogeneity of threads or undulations within internal layers of the multiaxial non-crimp-fabric. It is therefore possible to take immediate corrective action in the manufacturing process and locate the defect.

During the actual production process, the SAERTEX carbon NCF’s are subjected to quality-control measures that satisfy the critical requirements of the aerospace industry, as well as other industrial applications. The more demanding the application for these materials, the more important it becomes to avoid even smaller defects in the textile structure. The current quality control process involves many manual hours and several complex work steps, resulting in time and resource costs, especially in the downstream customer processes.

This is the reason why the industry has made efforts for many years to develop an automated process to achieve the zero-defect production of composite materials. SAERTEX, along with its partners, have taken a key step on the road to achieving zero-defect materials.

By using multi-ply multiaxial fabrics, customers are able to simplify the handling and drapability of composite materials in their component moulds, avoiding defects. With carbon fabrics that are inspected using the Smart Defect Control process, component manufacturers also save time on their own inspections and processing of the carbon reinforcement materials – thanks to defective areas removed or marked by SAERTEX.


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Cristex: Danielle Roseler, Marketing Executive: Tel +44-1282-77-0666,
SAERTEX: Daniel Stumpp, Head of Global Marketing, Tel. +49-2574-902-2871, 

About Cristex Composite Materials
Formed in 1990, Cristex Composite Materials has steadily evolved to become the UK’s premier supplier of High-Performance Fibres and Fabrics for the UK Composites and Reinforced Plastics Markets.

Representing several World Class companies in the UK, including SAERTEX GmbH, Eurocarbon, G. Angeloni and Elantas Italy.  Cristex supplies a comprehensive range of products manufactured from Glass Fibre (E.C.S. ECR), Carbon fibre, Aramid, Dyneema®, Thermoplastic (nylon, polyester etc.) and Natural fibres.

Family-owned company SAERTEX®, with sales of some €350m (2016), is the global market leader in the manufacture of industrial multiaxial fabrics (non-crimp-fabrics) for producing composite materials. Customers in the wind, aviation, automotive and boatbuilding industries depend upon composites to gain lightness, stability, and corrosion resistance thanks to SAERTEX® reinforcement materials made of glass, carbon, and aramid fibres. With some 1400 employees, 14 production sites on five continents, and an active sales network in over 50 countries, the SAERTEX® Group is well placed to satisfy growing global demand for high-tech CFRP and GFRP composite solutions.