Partner Focus – EUROCARBON

Cristex Composite Materials continues to enjoy an increasingly successful partnership with Eurocarbon, enabling Cristex to supply the UK with high quality standard and bespoke Braided and Woven Reinforcements which are primarily used in the composite industry.  These reinforcements are made out of high performance fibres such as Glass, Carbon and Aramid.

Standard products are available off the shelf reducing lead times, potential delays and keeping costs to a minimum.  However if your project requires a bespoke solution, the expertise of the Cristex Team together with the resources of Eurocarbon ensures a suitable product can be designed and produced.  There are a few requirements to get started with a bespoke project such as an existing sample or dimensions including weight per meter² etc.  Each project has its own unique properties and problems, which can be discussed and resolved with one of the team.

There are many standard Carbon Braid’s including Flat and Tubular which come in 3K, 6K and 12K fibres equating to Light, Medium and Heavy Duty, along with a large range of Glass Fibre Braids suitable for every application plus small a range of Aramid fibre based products.  Also available are Elasticated Tubular braids which provide a quick and easy to use solution without the necessity of adhesives.

There is a range of Glass and Carbon Gusset Fillers including a range of AERO Gusset Fillers that have been certified for Aerospace applications.

The Cristex / Eurocarbon partnership is able to offer customers an Overbraiding service.  Overbraiding is the technique use to produced net shape cost-effective structural preforms.

Overbraiding has many benefits including:

  • Excellent energy absorption in crash structures
  • Braided structures have a good resin permeability
  • Eccentric products, including double curved preforms are possible

If you would like to know more about braided and woven reinforcements, or indeed any other products Cristex can supply, please contact our sales team on or ring 01282 770666.