What makes Cristex a great place to work? Q & A with HR

As a growing business, we are striving to be one of the best employers in Lancashire. We truly believe in creating a company that inspires our people to be the best version of themselves by providing personal growth as well as professional development. We interviewed HR Manager Danielle Roseler to tell you what makes us such a great company to work for.

What are the key factors of employee engagement at Cristex?

We have set up a range of different programmes and initiatives to ensure our employees feel engaged and motivated.

Our employee of the month scheme allows our team to recognise and appreciate their colleague’s hard work, as they are invited to nominate a person of their choice. The winner spins the wheel and gets a prize. The prizes range from £100 vouchers to half a day’s holiday and more.

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We have a monthly bonus scheme based on the company’s performance. Every employee is eligible for the scheme as we believe in inclusion and boosting morale in a way that reinforces the power of being one team.

We understand the importance of clear communication, with trust being at the forefront of our core values, for both customers and employees. Therefore, we hold quarterly staff meetings to provide employees with full transparency of the business’s profits, turnover, projects and investments.

Giving back to the community is another core value at Cristex. Our charity of the month scheme allows us to contribute through a monthly £100 donation to a charity chosen by employees. This way, we give something back to charitable causes that hold meaning to our staff.

How does Cristex promote well-being within the workplace?

Well-being and internal engagement are a huge part of everyday life at Cristex. We start our week off with a fresh fruit and healthy snacks delivery and host monthly well-being Wednesdays. Each employee can host the event and we do a range of activities such as smoothie making, team-building exercises and wellness walks.

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All employees have access to our employee assistance programme, where, if needed they can gain advice and support for personal or work-related problems. This we believe, supports us in creating a happier and healthier workforce who feel valued and cared for.

Alongside this, we recognise the importance of unifying our team, working in different areas of the business can result in employees not getting to communicate with other teams often. Therefore, we have regular buffets to celebrate special occasions in employees’ lives. We also have summer and Christmas nights out every year paid for by the company.

How do you give employees opportunities to grow within the business?

With the significant investments the company has made over the past twelve months, we have increased the capacity of our in-house services. Naturally, this has created more job roles and scope for training and personal development. We often get the opportunity to offer internal promotions and with this our employees gain experience and growth within their roles and often progress to management level.

As a multi-diverse workplace, we welcome people from all different walks of life. As a part of this, we provide in-house English lessons to help staff overcome language barriers and provide fairness and inclusion so that all our employees feel like part of the Cristex family.

We will continue to develop and expand as a business, and we have plans to continue investing in the growth of our Cutting & Kitting services. This will create more job roles and allow the opportunity for our people to progress and develop their skills.

Above all else, as an employer, we listen to the feedback our employees provide. We are always open to suggestions that are brought forward to us so that we can implement them across the company. We spend so much of our time at work, which is why it is important to Cristex that our employees enjoy each day and have the chance to take on new challenges. We recognise the importance of both physical and mental health and try to embody a health philosophy in both these core areas.