SAERTEX further expands its global production network

SAERTEX is undertaking a worldwide reorganisation of its capacities for producing technical textiles made of glass and carbon fibres.

Additional capacities for making lightweight carbon fibre fabrics are being created at the two German sites within the company’s global production network. In parallel with this, plant and machinery for producing glass fibre NCFs (non-crimp fabrics) will be installed at sites in India, South Africa and Turkey in order to adapt the company’s delivery performance to a change in regional demand. SAERTEX is reorganising its global network of production sites, which includes 12 plants on 5 continents, for producing multiaxial non-crimp fabrics made of glass, carbon, aramid and natural fibres. This is a building block on the road to expanding regional supply chains to ensure a stable supply of product to wind power, mobility and industrial markets.

“We are investing in the efficiency of our worldwide production facilities to allow us to supply our customers economically and reliably via short distribution channels,” comments Christoph Geyer, CEO at SAERTEX. “This is how we are adapting our offer to a changing market landscape and making further progress towards achieving our global sustainability goals. We are achieving this based on reducing transport distances by harnessing local delivery capabilities.”

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